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Community Champions Case Study

Community Champions work alongside some fantastic organisations across Sheffield. They do invaluable work supporting their communities and helping spread trusted information about public health. Firvale Community Hub, based in Page Hall, is just one of the organisations. Here’s how the project supported Aaliyah*.

Aaliyah chatted to one of our Community Champions last year about Covid-19 and was reluctant to take the vaccine. However, in November she caught it and was very ill. The experience left her traumatised. She waited 3 months and got her first dose of the vaccine. Since recovering from Covid she has developed anxiety and stopped leaving her house.

Working alongside a Firvale Community Hub worker, our Community Champion has supported her through the process of building her confidence back up. She is now a part of the Live Lighter 12-week weight management programme and has been regularly attending our Social Café.

A highlight for Aaliyah so far has been joining a group of women to go on a walk around Dam Flask. She’s also booked on to receive her second Covid vaccine. She said “being around other people has helped overcome my (vaccine) hesitancy. I feel less stressed and anxious about leaving my house and on the whole, feel so much better for going on regular walks with the group.”

*Name of the client has changed to protect identity.

If you’re interested in becoming a Community Champion please find out more here.

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