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Golf Group Feedback

SOAR's Wellbeing Coaches support local people who require practical support to improve their health & wellbeing and change their behaviour to achieve their own choices and goals. Paul, one of our Wellbeing Coaches, holds golf sessions on an individual and small group basis with the aim of engaging clients in an activity that will hopefully have a positive impact on both their mental and physical wellbeing. Read on to hear from one person who attended the golf sessions with Paul:

"I was referred to SOAR by my GP practice for healthy lifestyle support as my weight was gradually increasing and I am not as active now as I used to be. I also know that my diet is not as healthy as it could be and I regularly consume more alcohol than I should.

I was contacted by Paul who is a Wellbeing Coach at SOAR and attended an appointment with him to discuss my needs in terms of support. Paul spoke about the benefits of positive change and with his guidance helped me to set goals to address not only weight management, but also my emotional wellbeing, due to the fact that I am a carer for my partner and have very little social interaction.

As well as engaging with the goals around my diet, which were to reduce takeaway food, cut out high-fat dairy products and reduce alcohol consumption, Paul also invited me to participate in a golf session that he facilitates every Tuesday afternoon at Concord Golf Club, which he felt would help me to be more active and also give me some social time. I attended all the sessions and although I experienced a real sense of achievement by improving my golf swing and really enjoyed the time on the putting green, it was the social aspect of the small group that I really enjoyed and Paul always ensured that it was friendly and fun.

I have lost over a stone in weight, continued the positive changes with my diet and have significantly reduced my alcohol consumption. Now that the golf sessions have ended I wanted to continue to be active and discussed this with Paul. As I experience knee pain Paul suggested swimming which he looked into and informed me about the options available. Due to caring for my partner my time is limited but I hope to go swimming twice a week.

With Paul’s support and guidance, I have more awareness and motivation to continue leading a healthier lifestyle."

Contact us on 0114 213 4065 if you want to find out more about what our Wellbeing Coaches do and how they can support you.

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