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Menopause Group Case Study

We hold a monthly Menopause Group here at SOAR Works, for local women to talk to others going through the same things, learn more and be supported. Here's what happened to one women who joined the group and was supported by Julie, SOAR's Menopause Advocate and Wellbeing Coach:

A lady attended in November with her friend for support, she was desperate to know more about her symptoms going through the Menopause. She was very upset and desperate, she was struggling to make an appointment with her GP and had been feeling suicidal.

Julie and other members attending the group were supportive, empathetic, and assured her she wasn’t alone! Julie gave her a list of things she could do, and encouraged her to keep trying for a GP appointment. They also pulled together a list of questions she could ask once she had an appointment.

She then attended the December meeting and reported she had been to a GP appointment and been prescribed HRT patches. She had only been taking them for 4 days but felt instantly better in mood, her symptoms had subsided and she was feeling positive.

"So thankful for your support, I felt lost and didn’t know who to talk to, now I am on HRT and feeling amazing already."

If you are struggling with Menopausal symptoms, always speak to your GP. If you'd like to join our next meeting, it is on Monday 8th May, 5.30pm at SOAR Works Enterprise Centre.

Book your (free) space here.

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