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Welfare Coach Case Study

SOAR's Welfare Coaches offer independent support, advice and guidance on a variety of issues, including benefits, housing, finances and family welfare. The team can offer support and guidance with filling out benefits forms, making referrals to other services that offer a specialist service, and so much more. Here's some feedback from someone the team supported recently:

"First of all, thank you for making the process seem so easy and relaxed. My mum said it was like talking to a friend, your experience & professionalism was outstanding.

Second of all, good news is my mum was awarded with her blue badge, we posted on the Wednesday evening and she got a call on the Monday, which was amazing. She has also been awarded Attendance Allowance too.

This may sound strange but both have given her a purpose; she is planning for the future & wants to go out more with us which is great for her mental health."

If you're stuck, need some advice, or not sure if you're receiving all the benefits you should be, get in touch on 0114 213 4065 for more information.

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